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Welcome home!

The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre (BNC), Inc. is a Winnipeg based non-profit organization committed to providing high-quality recreational, social, educational, and employment services free of charge for the youth and community members of the West Broadway neighbourhood. We pride ourselves in addressing the issues, needs, and desires of our local community.

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Summer 2022 at the Forks
Drop-in 2021 Dinner Time
Drop-in 2022 Vertical Garden
Summer 2022 at Kildonan Park Pool
2021 Fall Drop-in
Staff Volunteers
Beading Workshop
Summer 2022 BBQ Wind-up
Touch The Earth
youth summer 2019.jpg
Winter Drop-in 2022
Covid Summer 2020
Youth Creators Club
Fall/Winter Basketball program
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Summer 2022 Movie Day

Who We Are

Our Roots

Established in 1987, the BNC delivers a wide range of programs and services. We have been an integral part of the community throughout the years and have continually worked to adapt and expand along with the community. We revise and update our programs consistently as needed of us. While our target population are residents of the West Broadway area, the BNC has ties to various other areas throughout Winnipeg.

 The BNC was established as a response to the locals’ needs for diverse programs and services as a way of supporting youth, adults, and families in regards to education, crime-prevention, recreation, culture, and cognitive development.

Our Centre demonstrates great ethnic diversity with the proportion of Indigenous people living in the area being among the highest in the city. We strive to communicate thoughtfully and coherently with the general public and intend to listen to their concerns and feedback.

"All of the programs I’ve been a part of at Broadway, kept me out of trouble and helped me with the big barriers I faced, now I’m in postsecondary and wouldn’t be where I am today”

Josephine, BNC youth and now staff


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