The food is great!

Clary, 18

When: Monday – Friday, 4:00 – 8:00 PM

Ages: 6 – 17

There was a demand in the neighbouring area to provide a daily lunch for children expressing a lack of nutritional food consumption and arriving extremely hungry to the centre after school hours. Partnerships with the schools were established and lunches are prepared by BNC staff on site and delivered the following day to the neighbouring elementary schools and junior High Schools of all Children attending the Centre .


With the help of a staff, the youth participate in making their lunch for school the next day. A typical lunch includes a piece of fruit, veggies, a pudding/fruit salad, a juice-box and a sandwich or wrap. The BNC staff then delivers the lunches to the youth’s school the next day labeled and ready. This guarantees that no child will have to go without a lunch for school and enabling them to focus during class with a full stomach.