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New Year, Still here!

Happy new year to all from the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre!

Although the BNC facility remains closed until further notice, we continue to support the community in various ways.

Our staff continue to assist our partners in distributing hampers and groceries.

Our executive director Spatch has been taking the lead on these deliveries since the beginning of lockdown earlier in 2020.

We've also been in touch with our youth via ZOOM!

Our youth programs have been either postponed or transferred over remotely since lockdown. However, Just TV just opened up their registrations this month!

Just TV is a free multi-media youth program that offers music & video opportunities for youth to express themselves creatively. Just TV held a series of information sessions for youth and educators to attend. This year, Just TV is trying a new curriculum that was curated by their technical instructors for young aspiring artists in our community to acquire knowledge and experience remotely as much as they would if they were on site. The staff is very eager to work with new and returning youth as the new year begins!

Meanwhile, our After School Leaders program is getting ready for recruitment as well. Youth Creators Club (YCC) is another free multi-media program we offer. Similar to Just TV, YCC focuses on digital media creation! Keep your eyes out for further updates on the YCC start dates!

NEXT WEEK we will be hosting the most awaited Annual West Broadway SNOBALL 2021! This year's theme is a choose your own adventure Winter Celebration and it will be running from February 1st to February 6th, 2021. The entire neighbourhood worked extremely hard to make this happen and to ensure that community members are able to participate safely. For more details visit our website and read the SNOBALL 2021 Blog and find out what amazing events the neighbourhood has planned for you. We can't wait to see you all there!

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