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Desiree Brightnose, Bringing Indigenous Stories into the world of Video Production.

Hey folks! This is long overdue. It's time to reveal our youth spotlight of the month.

And since we missed last months spotlight, we will be revealing two spotlights for November! So make sure you tune in for who's next.

First up, we have the ever brilliant Desiree Brightnose!

Proud to be Indigenous, an advocate for youth and female creators, Desiree is a passionate film maker from Brandon who joined the Just TV Program earlier this year. Since then Desiree has made incredible strides moving to Winnipeg, taking on multiple video projects and working in various productions including CBC's The Porter.

Read on to get to know Desiree!

Who are you? Introduce yourself.

My name is Desiree Brightnose and I am a proud ininiwi iskwew from Treaty 5’s Chemawawin Cree Nation. I was born and raised in Brandon, Man