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Desiree Brightnose, Bringing Indigenous Stories into the world of Video Production.

Hey folks! This is long overdue. It's time to reveal our youth spotlight of the month.

And since we missed last months spotlight, we will be revealing two spotlights for November! So make sure you tune in for who's next.

First up, we have the ever brilliant Desiree Brightnose!

Proud to be Indigenous, an advocate for youth and female creators, Desiree is a passionate film maker from Brandon who joined the Just TV Program earlier this year. Since then Desiree has made incredible strides moving to Winnipeg, taking on multiple video projects and working in various productions including CBC's The Porter.

Read on to get to know Desiree!

Who are you? Introduce yourself.

My name is Desiree Brightnose and I am a proud ininiwi iskwew from Treaty 5’s Chemawawin Cree Nation. I was born and raised in Brandon, Manitoba where I attended Assiniboine Community College’s Interactive Media Arts - Media Specialization program. It was through that program where I found my true passion for live broadcast, video production and post production. After graduating valedictorian in 2020, I had the amazing opportunity to move to Winnipeg to work in my field and was able to attend and graduated from 2021’s CBC Indigenous Voices program through the National Screen Institute.

How did you get involved with Just TV? What did you do at Just TV?

I heard about Just TV through my mentor and Just TV alumni, Erica Daniels. Erica spoke highly of the program and how it helped her get started on her journey. So with her words of encouragement, I decided to apply to the program and was blessed to be brought on as an apprentice! I am truly blessed to learn from the amazing instructors here at Just TV and hold them close to my heart.

What do you do now?

As of now, I am currently working part time as a Production Manager with Kejic Productions as well as a Video Technical Instructor for After School Leaders where I teach video production to inner city youth.

What is your latest project right now?

I am currently working on a music video called “Pretend” with music artist. Destiny Wilby!

What’s next for you?

As of now, my goals are to continue to build my skills as a director, videographer and editor and slowly build my business, Tilted Teepee Productions. My ultimate goal is to eventually be able to teach Indigenous youth video production so they can become their own story tellers and bring Indigenous views and stories into the world of video production.

Any inspirational messages to BIPOC, female / gender nonconformity who are also creatives trying to pursue the art scene in?

My message for those who are pursuing a career in the industry is to keep learning and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Open yourself up to becoming better at what you love! This industry is always evolving so always be open to evolve with it.

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