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Building Your Own Reality with Andriy

This month’s Just TV youth spotlight is Andriy Kramar!

Andriy worked with Just TV for a couple of years as a video apprentice before taking a leap onto the City of Edmonton for more opportunities. He is a writer, director, essentially a multi-media artist. Let's get to know him, shall we?

1) Who are you? Introduce yourself!

Hello my name is Andriy Kramar, I'm also known by my elias, 903. I'm involved in the music video scene as a Director & Editor. My style involves a lot of fast bending movements, cryptic story telling and quick cut sequences. I pull my influences from both film and music. I take inspiration from "Nabil" when it comes to directing. I aspire new heights in my quality by Iooking up to a few top tier studios w/ some being "100blackdolphins, KidStudio and RomanovProduction."

On the music end of things, I heavily look up to German artists. One being "Luciano" for his clean visual asethetic. Another being "Ufo361" for his raw and expensive taste. Lastly "Summer Cem" for his unique but bold storytelling. Even though the next individual isn't German, his story and journey has been a massive motivation to myself as I grow my career. That being the one and only "Jack Harlow" the confidence he brings to the table instill the drive I need to grow.

"I will forever cherish the experiences we had"

2) How did you get involved with Just TV? What did you do at Just TV?

Initially I was introduced to Just TV during the beginning of my senior year in

high-school. I was referenced to the ASL program by former ASL mentor, current at the time, Renier Dumadag. Once inside, my group went on to make a short film and I was able to pick up some skills from our mentors which inspired me to put that much extra effort, eventually landing me a job once the program completed. I went on to work as both an ASL (After School Leaders) and PLUG-IN (PlugIn Institute of Contemporary Art) mentor. I switched between the 2 roles up until the summer, where I worked as a Just TV apprentice for the programing aspect and the social enterprise side of things. This went on for about 2 years and I was able to complete a ton of projects along side the following people on the video side of things: Addison Sandy, Paul James, Renier Dumadag and Jacob Vergel. We as team made the impossible possible. I will forever cherish the experiences we had, whether it was a music video, short film, commercial or social gathering.

3) What do you do now?

In the summer of 2019, I had a plot twist occur in my life. After living in Winnipeg for 15 years of my life, I was brought with the opportunity to move with my family to Edmonton. Knowing how well I was doing in Winnipeg, I knew that moving to a bigger city would reel in a better future for myself but I had no idea how much harder it would become with COVID just around the corner. Before I moved, I was in contact with a very talented creative Cordell Jomha through him, I was able to analyze what kind of creatives were in the Edmonton scene. Once in the city, I reached out to as many people as possible trying to build multiple connections. Then by chance I received a invite to tour a studio housing a few creatives. With this studio, I began to build my future. DNA served as a big stepping point in my career because till this point I was simply a creative, but through DNA I learnt the business side of this work. I was able to work with a bunch of local artist, rotating production roles with my team mates. It wasn't untill the start of the next year where I was able to step up as Director. Between that time I began to further build my name as 903 and emerge in my own lane of work, at some point even being recognized as a digital designer, working with likes of artist like Merkules. I've always been experienced at multiple mediums, I used that to my advantage.

"I knew that along as I stayed consistent to my craft, one day all would look out."

Despite having people around me, 2020 became on of the toughest years of my life, sending me deeper down the hole and discounted from those around me. Being in a new city, with a new team during a pandemic required me to sacrifice a lot of my time and miss out of a lot of money. I knew that along as I stayed consistent to my craft, one day all would look out. As I began to overcome my adversities and realize the power within, I grew mentally and began to climb out of my hole. Self-awareness became my greatest ally. Despite how tough of a year I had I was still able to check off a big goal I set for myself, have a video pass 100k views. That might not seem like a lot, but to me it was. Little things like that kept my dream alive but I knew it was only the beginning and I still have a long long long way to go.

"I'm quite proud of what I've been doing but I know that I'm destined for so much more. "

.4) What’s next for you Andriy?

Now it's 2021 and a lot has changed but there's so much more change about to

happen. At the start of the year, I moved up to a consistent Director & Editor position with my team, hitting some big milestones.

Whether that was a specific level in quality or crossing my first million in a music video. I'm quite proud of what I've been doing but I know that I'm destined for so much more. That's why I've decided to open a new chapter in my life and move forward with my own brand "@shotby903". I'm forever grateful for everything I've learnt up untill this point but I believe this has been my calling from the get go.

As my life changes, I've realized that I will only be truly happy if I'm able to live life on my own terms, im capable of leading and thats exactly what I'm planning to do. I will hire talent accordingly by project for bigger productions and utilize all my experience throughout the years for smaller endeavors. This means anything from Video, Photo, Digital Design and Promotional Branding.

"Never rely on a miracle to knock on your door step, go out and make that miracle YOUR reality. "

5) Any words of wisdom for younger creatives trying to pursue film and editing?

My words of wisdom and advice to the youth is, your biggest challenge will always be yourself, you can overcome just about anything if you set you mind to it and take responsibility for everything you do. Sometimes you can't control the people around you but you can always control what YOU DO. Never rely on a miracle to knock on your door step, go out and make that miracle YOUR reality. With the age we live in, the amount of teachings we have access to is unbelievable.

Take masterclasses, do workshops, use skill share, watch YouTube and soak in as much experience from people who are already practicing what they preach. Learn from the mistake of those you look up to and continue to challenge yourself every single day. Whether you want to be a Director, DP, Editor or whoever, it starts in your daily life to gain that discipline before you practice it in your work. Which means, working on yourself, your mind, your body and your soul will instill a much greater confidence to then instill in your creative work. Everything is connected, operate as one with all aspects of your life. Don't forget that failure or making mistakes is part of the game, just keep playing and one day you'll reach the top.

6) Such wise words! Thank you Andriy. Anything else you'd like to share with us today?

As mentioned before, I will be moving forward with my personal brand and taking on a new array of work in the following mediums: Video, Photo, Digital Design (logos/covers/ect) and Promotional Branding. This also includes timeline & folder organization for Pro CC users. You can reach me @shotby903 or @andriykramar, but I'd prefer by email at

"working on yourself, your mind, your body and your soul will instill a much greater confidence to then instill in your creative work. "

Talking to Andriy about his journey sure can leave you in an inspired state of mind. He didn't mention it in his interview but Andriy has actually directed and edited various videos in collaboration with other artists that have gained over thousands and thousands of views on YouTube. If you wanna find these videos and look at more of his work, follow him on his social media and SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube channel!

For now we leave you with one of his more recent work with local HipHop artist RUIZ.

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