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Building Your Own Reality with Andriy

This month’s Just TV youth spotlight is Andriy Kramar!

Andriy worked with Just TV for a couple of years as a video apprentice before taking a leap onto the City of Edmonton for more opportunities. He is a writer, director, essentially a multi-media artist. Let's get to know him, shall we?

1) Who are you? Introduce yourself!

Hello my name is Andriy Kramar, I'm also known by my elias, 903. I'm involved in the music video scene as a Director & Editor. My style involves a lot of fast bending movements, cryptic story telling and quick cut sequences. I pull my influences from both film and music. I take inspiration from "Nabil" when it comes to directing. I aspire new heights in my quality by Iooking up to a few top tier studios w/ some being "100blackdolphins, KidStudio and RomanovProduction."

On the music end of things, I heavily look up to German artists. One being "Luciano" for his clean visual asethetic. Another being "Ufo361" for his raw and expensive taste. Lastly "Summer Cem" for his unique but bold storytelling. Even though the next individual isn't German, his story