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Just in The Nick of Time! Councilor Sherri Rollins helps West Broadway get back on the ice

The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre and the City of Winnipeg have reached an agreement on insurance for West Broadway’s ice rink. The ice will be ready by December 24 2020 just in time for the holidays. “This could not have been done without the hard work and dedication of

Councillor Sherri Rollins. Councillor Rollins definitely saved Christmas for our


- Lawrence Spatch Mulhall

City of Winnipeg and BNC come together for ice rink! We are delighted to report that after over a year of negotiations and discussions between Broadway Neighbourhood Centre (BNC) and the City, an agreement has been reached supporting the reopening of the outdoor amenities at 185 Young. While Code Red restrictions will limit the number of participants, BNC is now able to flood its skating rink with the certainty that all outstanding insurance issues have been resolved.
More outdoor rinks open in Winnipeg ahead of the holidays! (CTV News)

Local residents, community leaders, the City’s Community Services Department and City Councillor Sherri Rollins have worked for months to find a solution that permits the operation of the skating rink again this winter, providing a crucial piece of outdoor recreation for this neighbourhood. Although current Public Health restrictions apply to the use of the rink, this development will allow the rink to be used in a limited manner for now, and hopefully to a greater extent if and when restrictions have been eased.

The BNC is incredibly grateful for its partnership with the City, and in particular, for the leadership and commitment to this neighbourhood shown repeatedly by Councillor Rollins. Thanks to all this support, the rink is currently being flooded, and depending upon the weather, should be ready for use by members of our community by December 24 2020.

Read more about this on CTV Winnipeg:

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