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Gifts from the Community

Our Executive Director, Lawrence 'Spatch' Mulhall and Board Member, Dan MacMullin have been delivering Bear Clan Hampers every week for the past eight months throughout the pandemic, ensuring the carefully packed hampers the Bear Clan work so hard to make get delivered to the members of the West Broadway Community.

Today was a very special Christmas Miracle that warmed their hearts. Both Dan Macmullin and 'Spatch' received a gift of the highest honour- a Star Blanket beautifully made out of gratitude for their dedication. This gift was hand made by a community Elder who they have been delivering to over these challenging months. Truly an honour and a wonderful Holiday reminder that kindness and dedication goes a long way.

Lastly, we have been missing our long devoted employee Tim Barron and Spatch has had the ability to see him while delivering hampers, too all that miss Timbo as he is such a staple not only to the BNC but to the West Broadway Community...Merry Christmas from Tim!!!

Thank you!

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