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In Honour of Tommy

It always surprises us in the West Broadway community the great capacity for kindness of our community members, even in the face of profound tragedy. Thomas “Tommy” Kevin Ross Williams passed on April 22nd of this year, and his family has seen it fit to generously donate loved ones’ contributions to our community centre. Despite their adversity, to honour Tommy’s generous spirit, over $900 dollars has been raised towards our summer program, without which the youth of our community would not have been able to participate in much of their beloved activities and field trips. Tommy was a lover of the outdoors and summer and the youth of BNC this summer shared in that love and spirit through his loved ones’ contributions. It is with great sadness and sorrow, but also with joy and heart that we offer our deepest condolences and immense gratitude to his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this time and we offer a message of comfort: Tommy’s spirit lives on through the lives that he has touched, directly and indirectly. We cannot thank Tommy’s family enough for their unselfish and charitable spirit.

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