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Talks on Creative Identity with Jacob Vergel

Hello readers! We are kicking off our first entry for Just TV youth spotlight with a talented filmmaker, Jacob Vergel.

JACOB VERGEL is a Filipino independent filmmaker who makes dance videos, music videos, commercials and short films. He started in high school taking the Tec-Voc broadcasting media arts program and graduating with a dual diploma. After graduating Jacob joined a multi-media youth program called Just TV working as a video apprentice creating various kinds of videos such as music videos, mini documentaries, and promotional videos for clients.

Within a year of filming experience, he became the in house videographer for Muse Dance Studio while still working independently building his own clientele.

In that time frame Jacob has worked with several local artists including: RUIZ, ILLA Musick, Andre Jeanson, J Kelz and Die Cute. He has also worked with Winnipeg’s best dancers in the community namely; Juan Salangsang, Anika Serrano, Stedroy Crump, Rylen Besler and Muse Dance Studios.

Jacob started off being a participant from our After School Leaders program way back in 2018. His talent caught the attention of many of our mentors and immediately took him in as one of our video apprentices.

Shortly after he was able to work his way up from participant to video instructor of the same program that he first started in! Talk about a full circle.

Read the interview to find out more about Jacob.

Introduce Yourself!

My name is Jacob Vergel and I am a Filipino independent filmmaker and photographer! Born in Winnipeg Manitoba.

How did you get involved with Just TV? What did you do at Just TV?

I got involved with Just Tv through my high school, Tec Voc. My teachers had told me about an after school program which allowed me to practice filmmaking among other things. At first I was part of Just Tv 's ASL program, and after I graduated started working for them as a Director, editor, and Cinematographer. As well as any other way I could help when it came to video production. During my time with them I was able to explore, experiment, practice and hoan my craft. Thanks to them I have experience working in Music Videos, Commercials, Mini Documentaries, and Short Films

What do you do now?

Now I work as an in-house Filmmaker and Photographer for a local dance studio named Muse Studios. As well as building a personal clientele to work with Music Artists, Dancers, and brands for Music Videos, Dance Videos, Commercials, Photography, and Branded Content.

What’s next for you?

What's next for me is I want to really make a name for myself with my work and

build partnerships with local brands to get into more commercial work. Mostly thinking about fashion and style but open to more things as well.

Any inspirational messages to those younger creatives trying to pursue the arts?

For any young creatives pursuing the arts I think it's really important to find a personal creative identity with what you're doing. When I started I had a different idea of what kind of filmmaking I wanted to do, and after finding something that's more me and more of what I want to do I became more eager and more successful. With the arts expression is such a big thing, so I think if you're not expressing yourself in your own work it won't be as successful and it definitely won't be as much fun.


Jacob was one of the many talented and most creative filmmakers that Just TV has ever crossed paths with and we continue to wish him well in his future endeavors in making art! Please go out and support him. Follow him on social media and take a look at his awesome videos on his YouTube channel. Check out his video reel:

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