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Smooth and Safe Skating!

The BNC would like to give a BIG thank you to the volunteers who make the community ice rink look this amazing everyday, making it as safe as possible for community members to use!

Every morning our volunteers come in from 9:00AM - 11:00AM to flood the ice rink and ensure that the ice is nice and clean for community members to have a smooth and safe skating experience.

Skating for pleasure with your friends and family? We suggest you come in around 12:00 - 6:30 pm. If you are looking to play hockey, come for 7:00pm when the rink will be open until 10:30pm. Please do abide by social distancing requirements while on the ice to stay safe and avoid getting ticketed!

For cleaning and maintenance purposes, pets are strictly not allowed on the ice at all times!

Let's work together and keep our ice rink clean and safe.

Happy skating everyone!

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