Translates to Zam Mi Nan Aki in Ojibwe

This name was gifted to us by Elder Dave Courchene

Program Coordinators:
Erica Daniels, Naomii Routhier

 Ultimate Goal:

Engaging and empowering Indigenous Youth in intensive cultural exploration.

Provide youth the opportunity to experience Indigenous ceremony and culture: This component will provide participants with the opportunity to learn ancient Indigenous knowledge and teachings from respected Elders and community leaders.   As youth gain a stronger knowledge of their identity, they will develop the skills and confidence to become strong community leaders.  This component will provide Indigenous youth with:

  • Connection to Elders and Community Leaders
  • Opportunities for healing from intergenerational trauma by reconnecting to their culture
  • Opportunities to apply the teachings into their everyday lives
  • Education of ancient knowledge in hopes they will carry it forward
  • Activities include: sweat lodge, medicine pouches, rattles, medicine teachings and picking, building sweat lodge, pipe ceremony, naming ceremony, water ceremony, exploring bundles, attending the Turtle Lodge, debrief sharing circles, 7 Sacred Teachings.