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Artist Spotlight
Episode 7: Terence Ruiz
About the Artist

Terence Ruiz a.k.a. STMBLZ is a multi-disciplinary artist/producer. Blending sounds between Rap, Pop & RnB. With 15 years of writing experience and 5 years of producing professionally, STMBLZ aka Face the Producer is no stranger to creating quality records. After signing with a local Winnipeg label in 2012 he was able to continue performing and working alongside experienced individuals usually 10 years his senior. Signing opened the doors for STMBLZ to perform outside of the city of Winnipeg in places such as Brandon, Gillam, Gods Lake Narrows, Cross Lake and Kenora. As his career continued he set his sights on working solo and developing his own production business. This new path led to working with the Just TV program to produce music for youth for the past 7 years with top quality equipment. Throughout this time with Just TV and working his production business on the side STMBLZ aka Face the Producer has been able to create some amazing musical pieces with Winnipeg’s finest talent such as HAVS, Sheena Grobb, YK the Mayor, Murray Pulver & Max Winds just to name a few. The projects from past clients along with his own have accumulated well over 100,000 views in the past few years. This connection to the community has pushed him to new heights recently landing 2 gigs in Toronto late 2020 along with a surge of new clients looking to capture the sound and energy that STMBLZ brings to the table.

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