Girls Group is a program set out to inspire young women to make choices stemming from self-confidence & self-respect through building trust and drawing strength from female role models as well as each other. This program’s objective is to create an opportunity for girls in the West Broadway neighbourhood to experience what others take for granted: going to the gym for the first time, jumping on a trampoline at Sky Zone, going to a salon and getting their hair cut and nails done, or even for some, just a trip to the movie theaters is something new and exciting. We want them to be able to fit in, be on the same level as the other girls in other areas of the city, and be able to determine their self-worth and know that they do matter. We plan to fill this gap by creating a gathering place for these young girls where they can safely voice their opinion without fear of ridicule. We hope to draw the youth in at their point of interest – outings, fashion, health education – in hopes to develop a strong relationship and build trust. We want them to know that through this program, they can and will receive the support that they require to grow up as strong – not just physically, but mentally as well – independent, self-assured women.

If you would like to get involve, please consider sponsoring an outing for the girls to experience something new and exciting! You can make a difference in the lives of these girls by clicking the blue Donate Now button at the top of our page or by clicking HERE

Your sponsorship will allow 12 girls to enjoy activities such as:
Sky Zone
Dinner at a restaurant
Night out at the Movies with Popcorn
The Red River Exhibition
Corn Maze
Haunted House
Fun Mountain
The Assiniboine Park Zoo
and many more!!

We welcome any amounts and thank you for leveling the field for our girls to thrive in this slopey world.