My name is Josephine Kakegumick. I am 16 years old, attending high school working towards my
graduation. I love working with kids and enjoy being a role model for them. In my spare time I like to
visit with my grandma, cousins and nephews.
I started coming to Broadway Neighbourhood Centre to take part in drop in programs when I was 6
years old. I participated in all of the sports, field trips and summer camps BNC offers. It was always a fun
and safe place to be. I always stayed in touch with the staff throughout the years even when I didn’t
attend for a short time. BNC helped me grow in so many ways and I wanted to be part of that. I started
volunteering at BNC in August of 2017 and am now employed part time as a facilitator for Girls Group. I
think it’s important for kids to have good role models growing up.
I love what BNC provides in programs for the kids that attend. The food they serve is awesome and I
love how they give lunches to kids for school the next day!