“It’s Live!  The Art City Monster Movie Mash”

Annual Halloween Party reaches new ambitious frights with the help of Toronto guest artists, Cathy Gordon  and Ulysess Castelanos

This year, Art City is presenting a high-concept interactive live movie making experience unlike anything you have ever seen!

Be a star and enjoy the show – all at the same time!  How?

Step 1: Simply show up at The Broadway Neighbhourhood Centre (185 Young Street)

Step 2: Grab costumes, props and sets that Art City participants have been making all month long

Step 3: Take directions from guest artist, Ulysses Castelanos as he will be directing impromptu spooky sketches and scenes which will be filmed digitally

Step 4: Patiently wait while Cathy Gordon  edits and adds special effects to your scene on the spot in her on-site editing booth

Step 5: Enjoy the movie as it’s projected on adjacent movie screens moments after thye have been created!

It’s that easy and  it will be so much fun, it’s scary!

After the movies, there will be a super-fun dance party where everybody can shake their booooooties!

For more information: Josh Ruth, Managing Director: md@artcityinc.com; or go to artcityinc.com

Eerily supported by: The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, The Province of Manitoba (Arts Branch), the City of Winnipeg, the United Way of Winnipeg, and the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre

See you there, if you dare!