1. The below named Renter agrees to perform all of the obligations of this contract and any reasonable requests of the costs of repair or replacement for all damage to the Centre property attributable to the actions of the Renter or its guests. Any damaged equipment fees will be determined by the Executive Director at market value and will be replaced or paid for by the Renter.
  2. The Renter agrees to take full responsibility for actions resulting in bodily injury to any of the guests either during the event or in any way related to the arrival or departure from the event and will absolve the Centre of any blame in such instance.
  3. The Renter will supply supervision and preserve and maintain good order, discipline, and safety in the use of the Centre.
  4. The Centre does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen articles.
  5. The rental fee specified by the Centre shall be paid by the Renter to the appropriate designated person BEFORE the commencement of the event.
  6. This facility is a smoke-free building. This includes no smoking within 100 feet of the building.
  7. This facility is an alcohol-free building. There is to be no alcohol consumed in the building, or anywhere on the premises.
  8. Only use ELECTRICAL TAPE on the floor and STICKY TACK for the walls. NO packing or masking tape please.
  9. The set up and cleanup is the responsibility of the Renter unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement.
  10. Additional charges may apply if renter requires a staff member to
      1. Open/close the building (outside of operating hours).
      2. Set up tables, chairs, etc.
      3. clean up, i.e., put away tables, chairs, mop floors, tidy washrooms, etc.,

    The renter has the option to set up and clean up themselves, with no additional charge.

  11. All renters ordinarily will conduct their functions to permit the closing of the facility by 11 pm Monday to Friday and by 10 pm Saturday and Sunday. (In certain circumstances, these times may be extended.)
  12. Indemnification: It is an express term of this agreement that the Renter indemnifies the Centre for any costs or damages of any kind incurred by the Centre, as a result of the rental of the facility by the Renter.
  13. All bookings and arrangements must be made through the Rental Manager and requires a 24 hr cancellation notice to avoid full price charges.
  14. Bookings and arrangements in unusual circumstances can be directed to before filling out form.
  15. Cancellation: A full refund/no charge will be given if cancellation notice has been given 24 hours prior to the event. Anything less than 24 hours’ notice, half of the payment will be refunded if paid ahead of time.
Gym Rental - Terms and Conditions