Every summer, approximately 20 youth agencies from the Youth Agencies Alliance (YAA) collaborate on an art project and this year, 160 youth from all over the city came together to create a diorama or their ideal Winnipeg.  The diorama showcases buildings and spaces from the youth’s imaginations; outrageous ideas of underwater buildings to possible creations such as a building that grows veggies and flowers on all four sides – the possibilities are endless!

Workshops were led by Art City and Graffiti Art Programming and the video was filmed and produced by Just TV.  To see the diorama of the future Winnipeg and take in the younger generation’s perspective on the city, you can visit the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport where it will be on display until the end of September.  Tune in to see where it will be displayed next!

This program was made possible with the support from United Way of Winnipeg, The Winnipeg Foundation, Winnipeg Richardson International Airport and Rotary Club of Winnipeg.