B R A V E : “Brothers Revolting Against Violence Everyday” will be working with young men to end violence against women, increase their leadership capacity, encourage healthy masculinity, provide them with creative tools to express themselves, and give them skills to increase their own self-image. We are recruiting participants for the program and encourage youth to come out to the workshop to see what kinds of things we’ll be doing in the program. Come out and improve your game with drills and pointers from the U of W Wesmen, meet the program facilitators, and have fun. ***SCHEDULE: 5:30-6:00 Meet and Greet 6:00-7:00 Workshop 7:00-7:30Read More →

Every summer, approximately 20 youth agencies from the Youth Agencies Alliance (YAA) collaborate on an art project and this year, 160 youth from all over the city came together to create a diorama or their ideal Winnipeg.  The diorama showcases buildings and spaces from the youth’s imaginations; outrageous ideas of underwater buildings to possible creations such as a building that grows veggies and flowers on all four sides – the possibilities are endless! Workshops were led by Art City and Graffiti Art Programming and the video was filmed and produced by Just TV.  To see the diorama of the future Winnipeg and take in theRead More →

  Early Saturday morning September 14, 2013, staff and board member of BNC geared up and participated in the Hustle for Hunger to show support for our fellow West Broadway neighbour, Agape Table. Hustle for Hunger is a 3k walk, 5k run, and 10k race where all proceeds will be donated to Agape Table where more hot meals could be served for those that need a nutritious meal. BNC’s Executive Director, Spatch opted for the 5km run, while the Executive Assistant, Uyen, Board Member, Theresa, and friend of BNC, Jimmy, were less ambitious with their choice of 3km walk for the charity. Though it wasRead More →